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Cultivating new life in a war-torn land

Reintegration, reconciliation and
agricultural development project in the
Diocese of Kindu, Anglican Province of the Congo

Goal: $50,000 Cdn

Project impact
This project will benefit returning refugees who fled from a devastating war in the eastern part of the Democratic Republic of Congo, in central Africa. The war is estimated to have claimed three million lives yet was seldom reported in the western media. Now with some measure of peace restored, these refugees are returning but need help reintegrating and rebuilding their lives and livelihoods.

The goal of the project is to promote peace and reconciliation in the community, as well as reestablish and reintegrate the retuning refugees. The Diocese of Kindu will undertake the work of training trainers and then community members in agricultural techniques as well as distributing the farming implements, seeds and livestock. They will also promote peace and offering reconciliation through Scripturally based training and events. Experts in agronomy, veterinary science and peace and reconciliation will be involved in the initial training.

The project will fund training and the distribution of agricultural tools, seed and livestock. Those who are trained – both in agricultural methods and peacemaking – are expected to use their new skills and knowledge to reach even more people and communities.

Anglican Church of Congo, Kindu Diocese
Congo has a population of over 52 million people and covers 2.3 million square kilometres. The Diocese of Kindu, in eastern Congo, has been working in the area of peace-building and assisting families affected by the civil war since 1998.

About the Anglican Relief and Development Fund Canada (ARDFC)
ARDFC is a registered Canadian charity, associated with the Anglican Network in Canada. It undertakes carefully selected and monitored aid projects in partnership with Anglican dioceses in developing nations.

» Congo project fact sheet
» Congo project profile
» Interim field report, February 2012
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» Field report, May 2012
» Field report, May 2012 (in French)
» Project final report


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